Trafalgar and the Spanish Navy: The Spanish Experience of Sea Power

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Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2004 - 178 halaman
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Contrary to public opinion, the defeat of the Armada was not the end of the Spanish Navy as a major maritime power. Indeed, it underwent a massive renaissance in the eighteenth century, and at the start of the Napoleonic Wars was the third largest navy in the world. Its ships were well-designed and superbly built, and were commanded by brave and dedicated professionals who were nowhere near as ineffective in combat as often represented. This fascinating book, now updated in this new edition, provides a detailed reassessment of the aims and achievements of the Spanish navy. Examining the development of the naval infrastructure and the main maritime events, John Harbron looks in detail at Spanish warship design and construction and the much-maligned officer corps, concluding with sections on the battle of Trafalgar and its significance to Spain. Illustrated throughout with contemporary plans, paintings and ship models, this is an important and stimulating contribution to the study of European sea power and Spanish history.

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