Hostilities Without Declaration of War: An Historical Abstract of the Cases in which Hostilities Have Occured Between Civilized Powers Prior to Declaration Or Warning. From 1700 to 1870

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Halaman 44 - Draft of declaration. — In affixing his signature to the convention of this day, between her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland and the United States of America, the Earl Russell declares, by order of her Majesty, that her Majesty does not intend thereby to undertake any engagement which shall have any 'bearing, direct or indirect, on the internal differences now prevailing in the United States.
Halaman xii - Greek brigands] he had never during his long experience known so great a lull in foreign affairs, and that he was not aware of any important question that I should have to deal with.
Halaman 48 - Majesty's confidential servants came to a decision. On Sunday that decision received the sanction of His Majesty. On Monday it was communicated to both Houses of Parliament — and this day, Sir, at the hour in which I have the honour of addressing you — the troops are on their march for embarkation.
Halaman 1 - A History of Our Own Times, from the Accession of Queen Victoria to the General Election of 1880.
Halaman 77 - ART. IV. His Majesty the^ King of Prussia, on his side, in case His Majesty the Emperor of the French should be led by circumstances to cause his troops to enter Belgium or to conquer it, shall grant armed aid to France, and shall support her with all his forces, military and naval, in the face of and against every Power which should, in this eventuality, declare war.
Halaman 71 - Trent then stopped, and an officer with a large armed guard of marines boarded her. The officer demanded a list of the passengers, and, compliance with this demand being refused, the officer said he had orders to arrest Messrs. Mason, Slidell, McFarland and Eustis, and that he had sure information of their being passengers in the Trent.
Halaman 57 - Allies to unite with him in order to assist him to cut off the communication by sea between Egypt and Syria, and to prevent the transport of troops, horses, arms, and warlike stores of all kinds, from the one province to the other ; Their Majesties the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and the Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary and Bohemia, engage to give immediately to that effect, the necessary orders to their naval Commanders in the Mediterranean.
Halaman 46 - Pensacola, to terminate it, by proving to the savages and their associates that they should not be protected even there; yet, the amicable relations existing between the United States and Spain could not be altered by that act alone. By ordering the restitution of the posts, those relations were preserved. To a change of them the power of the Executive is deemed incompetent. It is vested in Congress only.
Halaman 58 - War." Let us be what our fathers were ; and let us never descend from the rank to which they raised us.
Halaman 46 - Fensacola, unconditionally, to any person duly authorized to receive it ; and St. Marks, which is in the heart of the Indian country, on the arrival of a competent force to defend it against those savages and their associates. * In entering Florida to suppress this combination, no idea was entertained of hostility to Spain, arid, however justifiable the commanding general was, in consequence of the misconduct of the Spanish officers, in entering St.

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