The Revolutionary Movement of 1848-9 in Italy, Austria-Hungary, and Germany

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George Bell and sons, 1887 - 515 halaman

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Halaman 9 - From the day when peace is signed we must confine our system to tacking, and turning, and flattering. Thus alone may we possibly preserve our existence, till the day of general deliverance.
Halaman 40 - These rumours were specially rife in Alessandria, which had known the degradation of an Austrian occupation ; and Victor Emmanuel in vain tried to convince the Alessandrians of the unreasonableness of this panic. On March 6th, Santa Rosa and his friends went to Charles Albert and asked him to put himself at the head of the movement ; and it was now that Santa Rosa discovered the character of the man with whom he had to deal, and left on record that saying which summed up the whole life of that unhappy...
Halaman 67 - Republican hat ; his long curling black hair, which fell upon his shoulders, the extreme freshness of his clear olive complexion, the chiselled delicacy of his regular and beautiful features, aided by his very youthful look, and sweetness and openness of expression, would have made his appearance almost too feminine, if it had not been for his noble forehead, the power of firmness and decision that was mingled with their gaiety and sweetness in the bright flashes of his dark eyes, and in the varying...
Halaman 63 - The people," said this stirring appeal, " are no longer to be quieted by a few concessions. They seek the recognition of those rights of humanity which have been withheld from them for ages. They demand laws and liberty, independence and union. Divided, dismembered, and oppressed, they have neither name nor country. They have heard themselves stigmatised by the foreigner as a helot nation.
Halaman 68 - By inculcating before the hour of action by what steps the Italians must achieve their aim, by raising its flag in the sight of Italy, and calling upon all those who believe it to be the flag of national regeneration to organize themselves beneath its folds — the association does not seek to substitute that flag for the banner of the future nation.
Halaman 294 - We had sheathed our swords in each other's bowels,' says an eyewitness, ' had not the sagacity and great calmness of Mr. Hampden, by a short speech, prevented it.
Halaman 56 - He congratulated me on the fact that circumstances had spared me the tremendous ordeals usually undergone ; and seeing me smile at this, he asked me, severely, what I should have done if I had been required, as others had been, to fire off a pistol in my own ear, which had previously been loaded before my eyes. I replied that I should have refused...
Halaman 57 - When asked by my father of what I was accused, he replied that the time had not arrived for answering that question, but that I was a young man of talent, very fond of solitary walks by night, and habitually silent as to the subject of my meditations, and that the government was not fond of young men of talent, the subject of whose musings was unknown to it.

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