A Collection of State Papers Relative to the War Against France Now Carrying on by Great Britain and the Several Other European Powers ...

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John Debritt
J. Debrett, 1801

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Halaman xxxi - ... the vessels and effects taken from their enemies, without being obliged to pay any duties, charges, or fees to officers of admiralty, of the customs, or any others; nor shall such prizes be arrested, searched, or put under legal process when they come to and enter the ports of the other party, but may freely be carried out again at any time by their captors to the places expressed in their commissions, which the commanding officer of such vessel shall be obliged to show.
Halaman xxviii - And in the same case of one of the contracting parties being engaged in war with any other power, to prevent all the difficulties and misunderstandings that usually arise respecting...
Halaman 242 - The seat of judicial authority is, indeed, locally here, in the belligerent country, according to the known law and practice of nations ; but the law itself has no locality.
Halaman 242 - ... here, in the belligerent country, according to the known law and practice of nations; but the law itself has no locality. It is the duty of the person who sits here to determine this question exactly as he would determine the same question if sitting at Stockholm; to assert no pretensions on the part of Great Britain which he would not allow to Sweden in the same circumstances, and to impose no duties on Sweden as a neutral country, which he would not admit to belong to Great Britain in the same...
Halaman 340 - Prussia has been concluded and ratified. The ratifications have been exchanged, and I have directed the treaty to be promulgated by proclamation.
Halaman 340 - I indulge confidently the expectation that the sincere endeavors of the Government of the United States to bring it to an amicable termination will not be disappointed.
Halaman 200 - Europe a ilrong pledge of his concern for the general welfare, and to his enemies a decided proof of pacific difpofition. But to yield to the prefent demand would be to facrifice thofe means of prefent defence and thofe pledges of future iecurity which have been acquired by fuch great and memorable efforts, and which he can never be expedted to forego, till the...
Halaman 340 - It is with you, gentlemen, to consider whether the local powers over the District of Columbia, vested by the constitution in the Congress of the United States, shall be immediately exercised. If, in your opinion, this important trust ought now to be executed, you cannot fail, while performing it, to take into view the future probable situation of the territory for the happiness of which you are about to provide. You will consider it as the capital of a great nation, advancing with unexampled rapidity,...
Halaman xxix - To ensure to the vessels of the two contracting parties the advantage of being readily and certainly known in time of war.
Halaman xxv - State, of War, and of the Cabinet, Knight of the Orders of the Black Eagle and of the Red Eagle, and of that of St.

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