Commentaries Upon International Law, Jilid 2

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T. & J. W. Johnson, 1855

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Halaman 326 - But there is nothing in our laws, or in the law of nations, that forbids our citizens from sending armed vessels, as well as munitions of war, to foreign ports for sale. It is a commercial adventure which no nation is bound to prohibit; and which only exposes the persons engaged in it to the penalty of confiscation.
Halaman 342 - And they shall pay no other or higher duties or charges, on the importation or exportation of the cargoes of the said vessels, than shall be payable on the same articles when imported or exported in British vessels. But it is expressly agreed that the vessels of the United States shall not carry...
Halaman 174 - Les consuls respectifs pourront faire arrêter et renvoyer, soit à bord, soit dans leur pays, les matelots qui auraient déserté des bâtiments de leur nation. A cet effet, ils s'adresseront par écrit aux autorités locales...
Halaman 474 - Plénipotentiaires avons signé la présente convention, et y avons fait apposer le cachet de nos armes. " Fait à Versailles, le 14 Novembre, mil sept cent quatre-vingt-huit. " (LS) Le Comte de Montmorin de St. Herent. "(LS) Th. Jefferson.
Halaman 212 - ... by the authority of the canonical Scriptures, or by the first four General Councils, or any of them, or by any other General Council wherein the same was declared heresy by the express and plain words of the said canonical Scriptures...
Halaman 147 - But the queen (to the amazement of that despotic court) directed her secretary to inform him, "that she could inflict no punishment upon any, the meanest, of her subjects, unless warranted by the law of the land; and therefore was persuaded that he would not insist upon impossibilities.
Halaman 359 - Majesty, shall continue to hold them according to the nature and tenure of their respective estates and titles therein; and may grant, sell or devise the same to whom they please, in like manner as if they were natives and that neither they nor their heirs or assigns shall, so far as may respect the said lands and the legal remedies incident thereto, be regarded as aliens.
Halaman 478 - ... que les gens de son équipage sont également justiciables des tribunaux du pays pour les délits qu'ils y commettraient , même à bord, envers des personnes étrangères à l'équipage, ainsi que pour les conventions civiles qu'ils pourraient faire avec elles; mais que si jusque-là, la juridiction territoriale est hors de doute, il n'en...
Halaman 73 - Vattel's first general maxim of interpretation is that " it is not allowable to interpret what has no need of interpretation...
Halaman 214 - See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant.

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