Niemeyers Zeitschrift für internationales Recht, Jilid 26

Kulit Depan
Gedruckt bei Schmidt & Klaunig, 1916

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Halaman 196 - whose power, by the events of War, they may happen to fall; but if any thing is necessary to be taken from them for the use of such armed force. the same shall be paid for, at a reasonable price.
Halaman 197 - a satisfaction or reprizal for any other Article, or for any other cause, real or pretended, whatever. That each party shall be allowed to keep a commissary of prisoners of their own appointment, with every separate cantonment of prisoners in possession of the other which commissary shall see the prisoners
Halaman 196 - unarmed and inhabiting unfortified towns, villages, or places, and in general all others, whose occupations are for the common subsistence. and benefit of mankind, shall be allowed to continue their respective employments and shall not be
Halaman 190 - current price at the place of its destination. But in the case supposed of a vessel stopped for articles of contraband, if the master of the vessel stopped will deliver out the goods supposed to be of contraband
Halaman 192 - And all persons belonging to any vessel of War, public or private, who shall molest or insult in any manner whatever the people, vessels or effects of the other party. shall be responsible in their persons and property for damages and interest; sufficient security for which shall be given by all commanders of private armed vessels
Halaman 191 - establishing the fact and shall relieve both parties from the trouble of further examination. 2°) a Charter-party; that is to say, the contract passed for the freight of the whole vessel. Or the bills of lading given for the cargo in detail. 3°) The list of the ship's Company containing an
Halaman 194 - freely wheresoever they please, the vessels and effects taken from their enemies. without being obliged to pay any duties, charges or fees to officers of admiralty, of the customs, or any others nor shall such prizes be arrested, searched
Halaman 189 - to induce confiscation or condemnation and a loss of property to individuals. Nevertheless it shall be lawful to stop such vessels and articles and' to detain them for such length of time
Halaman 191 - in port. But if the vessel be under convoy of one or more vessels of War, belonging to the neutral party the simple declaration, of the officer commanding the convoy, that the said vessel belongs to the party of which he is, shall be considered
Halaman 189 - the captors may think necessary to prevent the inconvenience or damage that might ensue from their proceeding, paying however a reasonable compensation for the loss such arrest shall occasion to the

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