The Political Magazine and Parliamentary, Naval, Military, and Literary Journal, Jilid 4

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Halaman 411 - Commons of Great Britain in Parliament assembled, had, hath and of right ought to have, full power and authority to make laws and statutes of sufficient force and validity to bind the colonies and people of America, subjects of the Crown of Great Britain in all cases whatsoever.
Halaman 526 - February, 1769, was ordered to be expunged from the journals as ' subversive of the rights of the whole body of electors of this kingdom.
Halaman 702 - London, and in other parts of my kingdoms, to stand forth in the general defence. Some proofs have lately been given of public spirit in private men which would do honour to any age and any country. Having...
Halaman 701 - Religion, language, interest, affections, may, and I hope will, yet prove a bond of permanent union between the two countries ; to this end, neither attention nor disposition on my part shall be wanting.
Halaman 646 - ... wisely chosen and faithfully observed, by colonies united and protected, by decisive victories by sea and land, by conquests made by arms and generosity in every part of the globe, and by commerce, for the first time united with and made to flourish by war...
Halaman 702 - You must have seen with pride and satisfaction the gallant defence of the governor and the garrison of Gibraltar ; and my fleet, after having effected the object of their destination, offering battle to the combined force of France and Spain on their own coasts ; those of my kingdoms have remained at the same time perfectly secure, and your domestic tranquillity uninterrupted.
Halaman 734 - As a ftrong preemptive proof of the wandering of the Ganges from the one fide of the Delta to the other, I muft obferve, that there is no appearance of virgin earth between the Tiperah hills on the...
Halaman 452 - Wednesday next you be drawn from thence on a hurdle to the place of execution, and there hanged by the neck until you are dead.
Halaman 540 - An Act for the better securing the dependency of the kingdom of Ireland upon the crown of Great Britain.
Halaman 703 - Vices become prevalent in a most alarming Degree. THE liberal Principles adopted by you concerning the Rights and the Commerce of Ireland, have done you the highest Honour, and will, I trust, ensure that Harmony, which ought always to subsist between the Two Kingdoms.

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