Memoirs of the Life and Reign of Frederick the Third, King of Prussia, Jilid 2

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C. Dilly, 1788 - 4 halaman

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Halaman 109 - Is it his grafp of empire to extend ? To curb the fury of infulting foes ? Ambition, ceafe ; the idle conteft end/: 'Tis but a kingdom thou canft win or lofe. And why muft murder'd myriads lofe their all ! (If life be all ;) why Defolation lour, • With...
Halaman 109 - Go wiser ye, that flutter life away, Crown with the mantling juice the goblet high; Weave the light dance, with festive freedom gay, And live your moment, since the next ye die. Yet know, vain sceptics, know, th...
Halaman 317 - My dungeon was in a casemate, the fore part of which, six feet wide and ten feet long, was divided by a party wall. In the inner wall were two doors, and a third at the entrance of the casemate itself. The window in the...
Halaman 429 - ... enjoy all the rights, privileges, and exemptions in navigation and commerce which native citizens do or shall enjoy, submitting themselves to the laws, decrees, and usages there established to which native citizens are subjected.
Halaman 320 - ... at one end, and at the other to a ring which was incorporated in the wall. This ring was three feet from the ground, and only allowed me to move about two or three feet to the right and left. They next riveted another huge iron ring, of a hand's breadth, round my naked body, to which hung a chain fixed into an iron bar as thick as a man's arm. This bar was two feet in length, and at each end of it was a handcuff. The iron collar round my neck was not added till the year 1756.
Halaman 116 - You know that there is no labour, no hunger, no cold, no watching, no danger, that I have not shared with you hitherto ; and you now see me ready to lay down my life with you, and for you.
Halaman 178 - Daun resolved to act offensively; and formed a scheme for attacking the right flank of the Prussians by surprise. This measure was suggested to him by an oversight of the Prussians, who had neglected to occupy the heights that commanded the village of Hochkirchen, which was only...
Halaman 243 - This governor, being summoned to surrender, answered that, having the honour to be intrusted with the defence of the capital, he would maintain it to the last extremity. Batteries were immediately raised against the town on both sides of the Elbe ; and the poor inhabitants subjected to a dreadful visitation, that their calamities might either drive them to despair, or move the heart of -the governor to embrace articles of capitulation : but these expedients...
Halaman 219 - Remove from Berlin with the royal family. Let the archives be carried to Potsdam. The town may make conditions with the enemy.
Halaman 112 - And certain deeds each rank calls forth, By which is meafur'd human worth. Voltaire, within his private cell In realms where ancient honefty Is patrimonial property, And facred Freedom loves to dwell, May give up all his peaceful mind, Guided by Plato's deathlefs page, In filent folitude refign'd To the mild virtues of a Sage ; But I, 'gainft whom wild whirlwinds wage Fierce war with wreck-denouncing wing, Muft be, to face the tempeft's rage, In thought, in life, in death a king.

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