A History of the British Empire in the Nineteenth Century: The campaigns of Wellington and the policy of Castlereagh (1806-1825) 1904

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Kegan, Paul, Trench, Trüber, 1904

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Halaman 201 - Bulow, upon the enemy's flank, was a most decisive one; and even if I had not found myself in a situation to make the attack, which produced the final result, it would have forced the enemy to retire, if his attacks should have failed, and would have prevented him from taking advantage of them, if they should unfortunately have succeeded.
Halaman 90 - At the same time the Prince owes it to the truth and sincerity of character, which, he trusts, will appear in every action of his life, in whatever situation placed, explicitly to declare, that the irresistible impulse of filial duty and affection to his beloved and afflicted father, leads him to dread that any act of the Regent might, in the smallest degree, have the effect of interfering with the progress of his Sovereign's recovery. This consideration alone dictates the decision now communicated...
Halaman 274 - And I do declare, that no foreign prince, person, prelate, state, or potentate hath, or ought to have, any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence, or authority ecclesiastical or spiritual, within this realm: So help me God.
Halaman 259 - An Act to subject certain Publications to the Duties of Stamps upon Newspapers, and to make other Regulations for restraining the Abuses arising from the Publication of Blasphemous and Seditious Libels...
Halaman 227 - What is meant by more completely organising the country is but too evident from the papers before the Committee. It appears clearly that the object is, by means of societies or clubs established or to be established in all parts of Great Britain under pretence of Parliamentary reform, to infect the minds of all classes of the community, and particularly of those whose situation most exposes them to such impressions...
Halaman 86 - Envoy extraordinary invested with full Powers to conclude a treaty on all the Points of the Relations between the two Countries. In the mean Time...
Halaman 22 - Parliament the propriety of inserting the proposed clause in the Mutiny Bill. Whilst however the King so far reluctantly concedes, he considers it necessary to declare that he cannot go one step further; and he trusts that this proof of his forbearance will secure him from being at a future period distressed by any further proposal connected with this question.
Halaman 304 - Industry and commercial enterprise are extending themselves in that part of the United Kingdom. It is therefore the more to be regretted that associations should exist in Ireland which have adopted proceedings irreconcilable with the spirit of the constitution, and calculated, by exciting alarm, and by exasperating animosities, to endanger the peace of society, and to retard the course of national improvement.
Halaman 259 - An Act for more effectually preventing Seditious Meetings and Assemblies ; to continue in force until the end of the session of parliament next after five years from the passing of the Act.

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