The Works of Edmund Spenser, Jilid 1

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F. C. & J. Rivington, 1805

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Halaman xxxi - The Hexamiter verse I graunt to be a Gentleman of an auncient house (so is many an english begger) , yet this Clyme of ours hee cannot thriue in; our speech is too craggy for him to set his plough in, hee goes twitching and hopping in our language like a man running vpon...
Halaman clxxxvii - ... heavenly touch Upon the lute doth ravish human sense ; Spenser to me, whose deep conceit is such, As passing all conceit needs no defence. Thou lov'st to hear the sweet melodious sound That Phoebus...
Halaman 62 - Tell me, have ye seene her angelick face, Like Phoebe fayre ? Her heavenly haveour, her princely grace, Can you well compare ? The Redde rose medled with the White yfere, In either cheeke depeincten lively chere : Her modest eye, Her Majestie, Where have you seene the like but there?
Halaman lxxxii - Full little knowest thou that hast not tried, What hell it is, in suing long to bide: To lose good days, that might be better spent; To waste long nights in pensive discontent; To speed today, to be put back tomorrow; To feed on hope, to pine with fear and sorrow; To have thy prince's grace, yet want her peers...
Halaman xviii - I should gather a contempt of my self, or else seeme rather for gaine and commoditie to doe it, for some sweetnesse that I have already tasted. Then also me seemeth the work too base for his excellent Lordship,* being made in honour of a private personage...
Halaman 177 - The sonne of all the world is dimme and darke: The earth now lacks her wonted light, And all we dwell in deadly night: O heavie herse!
Halaman 203 - Spencer, being master of our northern dialect, and skilled in Chaucer's English, has so exactly imitated the Doric of Theocritus, that his love is a perfect image of that passion which God infused into both sexes, before it was corrupted with the knowledge of arts, and the ceremonies of what we call good manners.
Halaman 175 - The kindlye dewe drops from the higher tree, And wets the little plants that lowly dwell.
Halaman xlvi - I will not say that I thought, but there an End for this once, and fare you well, till God or some good Aungell putte you in a better minde.
Halaman xxxvii - I minde shortely at convenient leysure, to sette forth a Booke in this kinde, whiche I entitle Epithalamion TAamesis; whyche Booke, I dare undertake wil be very profitable for the knowledge, and rare for the Invention and manner of handling.